120 changes in 2018

I’m not original making lists of new year resolutions two days before the new year. And then I was on the 20-somethingth goal and realised that I was setting myself up for a failure: there is no human way I can achieve them all in a short space of time. So I thought – why don’t I make it easier on myself and give myself an easier challenge to have 10 changes a month for the next 12 months?

And this is how the idea of 120 changes in 2018 materialised. It’s super simple: at the very beginning of every month I will sit down and write down 10 things I want to change and then spend the next 30 days working on them. I’m sure some changes will be life-changing, others will prove to be useless, and some others will make me think I never wanted some changes to begin with.

So here is the 2018 plan. There are weekly and monthly goals, and there are 10 random changes every month.

My weekly goals are:

  • 3 exercise sessions
  • 3 French lessons
  • 3 10-minute meditation sessions
  • 2 meat-free days
  • 1 light digital detox day (a few hours off all things digital)

My monthly goals are:

  • 20 km run
  • 2 new recipes
  • 1 new book
  • 1 full digital detox day

My January changes are….to be revealed in the next post.

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