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120 changes in 2018 – January

Starting off the 120 changes in 2018 challenge.

In no particular order, the ten changes in January are.

1. No news in the morning. Life is stressful enough without starting each day with news about Brexit or Donal Trump or a Kardashian. 7pm news should be enough for me to remain informed about the dodgy state of the world, so I can most probably skip morning news.

2. Drink water with lemon in the morning. Apparently, it has lots of health benefits, from hydration to detox. Here are 16 of them, for example.

3. No new clothes. I just don’t really need anything, and I perhaps I also need to wear long unworn items to have a proper review of my current wardrobe.

4. Dry-ish January. “Ish” because I know I will drink on my wedding anniversary day and when I meet up with friends, but other than that I am willing to give up my weekend wines.

5. Finish things before buying anything new or replace them. Again, I just don’t really need anything right now. My morning cleansing foam is almost finished, though, so I’ll get a new one at some point, but I’m not stocking up on things that still have and that still function.

6. Get a mentor at work. I think 2018 will be crucial for my career, and what better way to start it than to find a great mentor to inspire developments and achievements.

7. Lose 1 kg. I wasn’t too bad in December but I wasn’t good either. I didn’t each too much, but I overindulged and it shows and I don’t want it to show, so I need to lose some weight and get myself back into my usually slim and healthy body.

8. Make lists before shopping. We’ve all been there: you go to get a pint of milk and leave with a bag of stuff that you didn’t think you needed until you fell into trade marketing traps. Shopping lists should beat the cunning marketing people.

9. Finish muesli box. I’m not a breakfast person. I normally have a shot of coffee when I wake up and I am fine until lunchtime (I sometimes have a fruit in between and I may treat myself to an occasional croissant). But there’s so much marketing pressure that one has to have breakfast that I gave in and bought a pack of “organic super seed muesli” to see if I can rewire myself to enjoy breakfast.

10. Improve skincare regime. December is always chaotic, and my usual skincare regime went through the window which kind of shows because my skin isn’t in its best condition. So I want to get back to taking better care of myself.

I predict that the muesli box will be the most difficult one..

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