120 changes in 2018 – February

They say Blue Monday in January is the most miserable day. I disagree. For me personally, every day in February is the most miserable, when spring feels so close, but it’s still cold; when the usual workload catches up with you, and you can’t slack saying you’re still getting up to speed after Christmas break; when the drive to self-improve fades away and pushing yourself to stay on track is more difficult than ever.

Thinking up 10 changes in January was easy. Doing the same for February has been another story, but here you go. Below are the 10 more changes to make myself a better person this year.

Write down one gratitude per day.

When I meditate, I always start by saying thank you for all the good in my life. But because I don’t meditate daily and because I will have many reasons to moan in February, I want to make it habit to find something to be grateful for every day.

Eat fruits instead of deserts.

I don’t really have a sweet tooth, but when I want something sweet I usually go for chocolate or biscuits or cakes. But because I am still on a mission to lose some weight, I want to change those for fruits. They still contain sugar, but they have none of the fats that cakes leave on my belly. NB. I reserve a right to still have something chocolatey or cakey at the weekend.

Find 15 professional people to follow.

I’m continuing to try and push my career forward, and LinkedIn has been great recently with many inspirational people sharing their tips and stories. So I want to find 15 people in my field to inspire me to grow professionally.

Improve photography skills.

I have been trying to up my photography skills for months. ‘For months’ means once every couple of months I’ve thought about doing it sometime in the future, and why not make ‘future’ as definite as ‘this February’? I have no idea what success should look like with this change. Let’s say that if I currently think of my skills as 2/10, any improvement to 3/10 and above will do.

Stop reading comments in social media.

I’m a sucker for a good keyboard war in the news comments sections. I never participate myself, but I am addicted to seeing people lash at each other. There are no benefits in this addiction, it just wastes my time. I need to break free, so I’m banning myself from even opening the comment sections to anything.

Start listening to podcasts more regularly.

Like most people, when I am on a train to work, I browse my phone or listen to the music or snooze. But there’s a better way to start a day: listen to podcasts and learn something new. I am subscribed to a couple of channels, but I can be a much more regular listener, so I’m setting myself a goal to listen to at least 3 podcasts of my choice per week.

Wear long unworn clothes.

There are items in my wardrobe that I never wear but I keep them for that day when there is an occasion / they fit with something else in my wardrobe / I am in the mood for them / etc. Time to put them to use and decide their fate: I will either rediscover their wearability or I give them to charity for someone else to love them.

Do plank every day.

My stomach muscles hurt just at the thought of it. But it’s a great exercise to keep me toned. So here’s the challenge: do plank for a minute and side planks for another minute every day. If can find 2 minutes to waste on social media, I can find 2 minutes to make my belly Victoria-Secret-model-like.

Scrub my feet at least twice a week.

Hashtag too much information, but winter has not been kind to my feet, and I have not been zealous enough to keep them baby-soft. Luckily, there is still a whole winter month to change that for the warmer days later in the year.

Reconnect with some of my oldest friends.

I’ve lived abroad for nearly five years, and while I have been able to keep in touch with my old friends, I don’t think I’ve been checking with them as often as I could. So in February, I am going to reconnect and shrink the distance with the dearest friends.

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  1. Marina
    February 28, 2018 / 9:11 pm

    Especially love the last point ,)
    Will be a regular reader from now on, thanks for sharing the link!

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