Ginger shots

I discovered ginger shots last year, inspired by Carpool Karaoke video with Selena Gomez where she drank strange looking liquid with James Corden. “Absolutely disgusting,” he choked after downing a shot. The verdict didn’t stop the world from asking “what is a ginger shot and why would anyone drink it?” though.


A ginger shot is a drink that’s made of ginger and whatever else you like to soften the sharp gingery taste. And benefits of it are:

  • it soothes upset stomach and aids digestion;
  • it boosts immune system;
  • it fights infections;
  • it revs up metabolism;
  • it helps your body recover faster from workouts;
  • it regulates blood sugar.

Oh, and it also makes you look and sound very healthy, hipster and cool.

What’s there not to like, right? Well, there are two things not to like.

First of all, the price of ginger shots in supermarkets. A small 100 ml bottle costs about £1.5 in the UK, which is just not right given the cost of ingredients. I know, I know – production costs, margins, etc. But it’s quite easy to make at home for a fraction of a price. You’ll need:

  1. 1 large knob of ginger – or two if you can tolerate the burning sensation;
  2. 4-5 apples – I prefer green, but any will do;
  3. juice of 1/2 lemon;
  4. a bit of runny honey – if you need to sweeten it a bit.


Altogether, it will cost you maybe £5, and you’ll make about a litre of ginger shots. The process is easy:

  1. peel the skin off ginger and cut it in smallish chunks;
  2. cut the apples in quarters, deseed them and also cut into small chunks;
  3. put everything in a blender or a juicer, add a litre of still water, lemon juice and honey and whizz until smooth;
  4. filter the liquid into a glass bottle through a sieve, squeezing the fruit flesh to get all the juice out;
  5. et voila – you’ve made your own ginger shots!

Secondly, ginger shots do not taste nice. Unless you love that gingery burning sensation, you will not enjoy the flavour in the slightest. The good news is that you only need a small shot to get all the goodness of it (I do mine in a couple of gulps) so the pain will be over soon. If it’s too much, have some water at hand to clean the palate.

Enjoy! Well, as much as you can…

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