120 changes in 2018: March

Happy spring to those who didn’t wake up to scenes like this in London today:

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 15.34.56

So let’s ignore the fact that it’s the 1st of March out there and think about something pleasant, like 10 new changes for the new month.

Exercise at home

I like exercising but I don’t like gyms. Even though mine is a 3-minute walk away from home, the mere thought that I need 10 minutes to get ready, then spend 30 minutes listening to the awful gym music and pretending not to notice other people around me is enough to demotivate me. So I cancelled my membership. I have enough willpower to exercise at home and I don’t need a treadmill to run when I have a lovely park nearby. The idea is to have 3 or 4 15-/20-minute sessions a week with occasional runs when the weather is decent.

Signature cocktail

I’m good friends with my neighbours next door, and when I go to their place for drinks and dinner, they always make “Dark and stormy” cocktails. Me? Well, I know how to make gin and tonics but who doesn’t? So I want to have my own signature cocktail and in March I will be on a mission to find one. I like this challenge!

No social media 2 hours before sleep

I just don’t need to know what someone ate for dinner or what the sunset looks like for one of my friends when I am getting ready for a good night sleep. What I need is for my mind to gradually drift away from the daily routines and other people’s lives.

Watch French TV

Remember my January’s resolution to not watch TV in the morning? Slight change of plans: I am good to watch French TV in the morning if I feel like it. I’ve been learning French on and off for a few years now, and putting myself in a somewhat French environment will hopefully get me speaking French at last (I read and I kind of understand, but speaking is still a problem. Zut!).

Create a wish board

I don’t believe in “the law of attraction” but I believe in laser focus on what you want. Quite often, we think “I can never have that” just because it’s not on our radars, but when you set something as a goal you can’t help but start noticing ways and opportunities to make it happen. So I want a regular and visual reminder of my big wishes, and wish boards are great for that. The two things I already know will be there are a blue sofa and a ginger cat. I can have neither right now but a girl can dream.

Infused water

My January challenge to start a day with a glass of water with lemon didn’t end well but I think I’ve thought up a better way to keep myself hydrated – drink water infused with lemons / berries / cucumber & mint / whatever else my heart desires throughout the day. So I ordered a bottle from Amazon, it’s looking nice and green and inviting to stay hydrated all day long.

Culture events

I don’t know if it’s winter or if I’m getting old and boring but for the past couple of months my life only revolved around work and home. I can’t remember the last time I went to do or see something cultural which in a place like London is a crime. In March, I will be pushing myself to kick myself out of my flat and go find places to go and things to see at the weekends.

Measurements not scales

Inspired by Joe Wicks and a comment from Julia, I am changing my approach to tracking my success while I’m working on improving my lifestyle. Scales don’t tell a full story, and I’m not even that fussed about my weight. What I am fussed about is the places where my unhealthy habits like to sit and laugh at me – my stomach, bum and thighs. I want those slimmer, and that means disappearing centimetres and not necessarily kilograms. So I am now going to rely on measuring tape and not scales to track body changes.

Do yoga at the weekend

I can’t make up my mind about yoga: I like it enough but I don’t get all the excitement about it. When people talk about how enlightened and amazed they feel after a yoga class, I am baffled because I only feel tired like after any other class. But I’ll give yoga another try for a month.

Be nice

Winter has made me grumpy, and it’s not right to glare at people on the morning train just because I can’t wait to not have to wear five layers of clothes. So I’ll be nice and positive. As much as I can be. Starting now.

Now, can we get nice spring weather? Please?

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