120 changes in 2018: May


Become a British national

I am cheating here because my application for British citizenship is done and the decision is out of my hands so I’m not really pushing any changes on myself. But it would be nice if the UK’s Home Office sent me an approval letter in May so that I could celebrate my birthday as a dual national.

Be less angry about certain people

There is one person in my life that I dislike.  Occasionally with passion. Sometimes I catch myself thinking that I properly hate them. Unfortunately, I’m stuck with that person for some foreseeable future and that future sort of depends on them so I need to find ways of letting go of my feelings towards them. After all, my anger is my own problem and it’s up to me to deal with it for my own sake. 

Meditate longer

I was away on a business trip last week and met a girl who talked about her meditating experience, how she mediates for 30-40 minutes and it helps her sort out her worries and negative feelings. That got me curious. I’ve been trying to meditate for years, and rarely do I feel calm and chilled. Sometimes it’s quite the opposite: I get anxious because my mind takes my meditating attempts for a perfect opportunity to bombard me with even more thoughts than usual. But listening to that girl made me wonder if extending my meditating sessions is the answer: I usually give myself 10 minutes to meditate, and she said it’s what he needs just to quiet her mind before the real thing begins, hence the extra 20-30 minutes. Worth a try.

Clear my junk drawers and boxes

I hate seeing things lying around, so most of them are hidden behind doors or in boxes. For the last year or so, I have been decluttering my life and I’ve done a great job but there are drawers and boxes full of stuff that I plan on dealing with later – mainly it’s unwanted clothes and items that go to charity but it’s also small things like travel purses or shampoo sachets that I keep just in case. Well, “later” has come, and it’s this month.

Plan clothes on a night before

Some people are able to open their wardrobe in the morning, pull some clothes out and look amazing. I’m not one of them. To make it worse, my clothing choices affect my mood so when I leave home and realise that my green top and leopard skirt look ridiculous together, it ruins my day. Solution? I’ll try planning my outfits in advance so that I am feeling my most confident every day.

Find my capsule wardrobe

This should be simple: I will take a picture of my day’s outfit in the morning, note how I felt it in the evening and by the end of the month I will see what items I wear most often and which of them have made me feel my best. That should give me a very good idea about my own capsule wardrobe and ease the pains of “having nothing to wear”.

Get a bird feeder

Now that spring has sprung, I realised just how much I love waking up to the birds singing outside. So I thought – why not have them singing closer to my window more often? A bird feeder on the balcony should do the job.

Grow my own herbs

Also because it’s finally warm and dry, I want to realise my gardening ambitions and grow herbs like basil, parsley, mint and coriander which I often use when cooking. It’s easy, cheap and it hopefully will give me some sense of achievement if I manage to keep the herbs alive and producing for a while. It also helps reduce the use of plastic seeing as supermarkets usually sell herbs in plastic packs.

Eat lighter

Goodness knows I love a good and hearty meal on a cold day. But with summer just around the corner, it’s time to switch back to lighter meals when my body doesn’t need as many calories to survive winter. Good for getting beach body ready too!

Buy The Big Issue

The Big Issue is a magazine in the UK that is sold by homeless people to help them get back on track from making a small profit from each sale. It’s a fantastic initiative but I have never bought a single magazine for one reason: I feel awkward and ashamed to approach the sellers because it makes me think that I’m rubbing it into their faces that I have the money and they don’t. I know full well that it’s not my personal fault their lives are difficult and that I have the money that can make a real difference to them. But on a personal level, I feel so bad about being better off that I choose to walk on by even when I really want to help. It’s wrong and it’s time to change: if I want to help I should get over my own feelings and help.

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