120 changes in 2018: May – results


Here is what the May plans were, and here is what happened to them:

Become a British national

Nearly there! I got a letter from the UK Home Office inviting me to a citizenship ceremony where I will officially become a British national. The ceremony is on the 13th June, but it’s a formality. Happy days.

Verdict: done.

Be less angry about certain people

See a post about it here. I can’t say that my feelings have all gone but the people in question can no longer easily get under my skin. They can try but must try much harder to succeed. In an ideal world, I’d love to part ways completely to really move on but I’m still working on it.

Verdict: continue.

Meditate longer


So the idea was to try and meditate for 30 or more minutes because it would help me relax in the first 10 minutes and my mind will open to the depths of meditation. I tried 5 times, and every single time my mind was asking “how long until the alarm? are we done yet?” every other minute. So no, I didn’t discover any wonders that meditation seems to bring to other practitioners. What’s more, I often caught myself thinking about the many useful things I could be doing instead of waiting for the 30 minutes to pass.

Verdict: not for me.

Clear my junk drawers and boxes

Done. What a feeling! Gone are the useless wash-bags and half-empty travel toiletries in my bedroom bedside table. Buckwheat and giant couscous also went straight into the bin. Charities will be glad about the box of other things I’ve set aside for them. The rule of the thumb is: if you don’t use it, don’t keep it. Simple.

Verdict: done.

Plan clothes on a night before


I often found myself too tired to plan anything else but a glass of wine in the evening, so making clothing choices would be a bad idea. Every now and then, I kind of thought that I’d wear this and that on the following day but it’s fair to call this initiative a failure. Do I want to try again? Not sure.

Verdict: not sure about it.

Find my capsule wardrobe

Fail. The idea was to take a picture of my outfits every morning, rate them by the end of the day and then see what clothes make me feel my best and call those items “my capsule wardrobe”. I lasted two mornings and then totally forgot about this initiative until I sat down to write this post. Probably, it’s a good one so maybe I’ll try doing it later.

Verdict: maybe later in the year

Get a bird feeder

Done. It’s small feeder, and it’s a pleasure to watch tits and merles stop by my balcony to refuel themselves. Highly recommended for the feeling of closeness with nature.

Verdict: continue.

Grow my own herbs

This is a strange one. So I now have fresh basil, parsley, mint and coriander available whenever I need them, but… I don’t use them. Turns out I love the idea of growing my own herbs, I just don’t love using them for their purpose when I have frozen chopped herbs in my freezer which are so much more convenient.

Now that I have 4 plants to look after, I will naturally keep them alive but when their time comes I don’t think I’ll get any replacements.

Verdict: continue but only for as long as the herbs are alive.

Eat lighter

This month was about eating extremes. Between two birthdays, one business trip, three meet-ups with friends and two or three takeaways in one months, none of which meant eating healthily, I did my best to keep my own lunches light enough. M&S cream tomato soup was a great discovery for those lighter days. Seeing as my weight didn’t change, I think ‘eat lighter’ worked. But I should definitely continue with more rigour.

Verdict: continue

Buy Big Issue

Nope. The reason is simple – I didn’t come across any Big Issue sellers to buy from them. So I am moving this idea to the future when I get the opportunity.

Verdict: continue.

Final thought of the month is:

I need a holiday.

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