Yes but


Yes but. The two simple words that complicate the easiest of beginnings.

Should I start eating healthier? Yes but that pizza is so good.

How about I ask for a promotion? Yes but my boss is a prick so he’ll do nothing.

I don’t need shopping therapy when life sucks, do I? Yes but there’s a sale on.

Change a job, sounds great, doesn’t it? Yes but what if the next place is just as bad?

Or shall I get a cat because I love cats? Yes but it’s so much responsibility and there’ll be fur everywhere.

I know I should start saving money for the future. Yes but who knows what happens then so I’ll splurge today.

Why don’t I wake up at sunrise to go swim in the Norwegian fjords because when else will I be able to do it? Yes but I’m so tired from yesterday.

I should stop snacking on chocolate. Yes but this is the last one. Like, really last one.

You get the idea.

Every “yes but” is a “no” that helps you trick yourself into believing that you would if you could so you’re good for wanting and some external obstacles are bad for stopping you. BS. You thought up those obstacles to give yourself a lame excuse to not even start. Not cool.

Next time you say “yes but”, slap yourself on the wrist and add “actually no – yes”.

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