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120 changes in 2018: June – results


This is what the plan was. And this is what happened.


Learn about NLP

I was disappointed. When I bought three books about NLP, I hoped to get some practical tips on how to influence my mind and other people to get what I want. But all of them preached the same old American dream – believe you can and imagine you do and all will happen somehow. Been there done that.

The most disappointing book was by none other than one of NLP movement co-creators, Richard Bandler, called “How to take charge of your life: the user’s guide to NLP”. It’s a fiction, where some loser attends 3-day training by the extraordinary Richard Bandler, learns a few mind tricks and leads a very different, happy and fulfilling life 3 months later. Oh, and he meets an amazing girlfriend too. By the end of the book, I learnt more about the awesomeness of Dr Bandler and the life struggles of loser Joe than I did about NLP.

But Amazon must have felt my disappointment and suggested another book for free. Unexpectedly, “How to be f*cking awesome” by Dan Meredith was a good read. In fact, it was very different from NLP and said that one has to work their arse off to advance in life and offered some thought-provoking advice.

Verdict: not for me.


Try Skillshare

I’m undecided about it. I tried some business and photography courses there, and none were life-changing. But perhaps I should try something very out of my comfort zone like calligraphy or coding to make up my mind. I’ll give it another month.

Verdict: continue for another month.


Eat less gluten

Not sure how I did here, especially having discovered the joys of baking my own croissants on weekend mornings (frozen croissants from Waitrose are the best!). I have a feeling that I did eat less gluten on the whole, but did I eat so less of it to notice a difference in how I look or how I feel? No. is it a reason to go back to my old ways of overindulging on pasta? No, too. When it comes to eating, I’ve realised in the last few months, less is more – eating less of bad stuff but allowing some treats anyway is the way.

Verdict: continue.


5 vegan days

Kind of fail but not precisely. The idea was to have 5 vegan days in June, not necessarily in a row, and I just couldn’t do it. But I certainly ate a lot more vegan dishes throughout the month than I ever did before, and I enjoyed being conscious about my food. I’m still not ready to go vegan or even vegetarian or pescatarian (I probably never will be, if I am honest), but because it’s 2018 and there are categories for everything and everyone, I can call myself a reducetarian – I reduce the amount of animal-based foods in my diet.

Apparently, if more people did the same, it’d make a massive positive impact on the planet.

Verdict: continue.


Fuckup night

Loved it. The ticket cost £5, which is a total bargain to spend an hour listening to 4 quite successful people talk about their fuck-ups and what they learnt from them. The biggest lesson I’ve personally learnt that night? Own your fuck-ups. They happen to everyone, and the most adult thing one can do is raise a hand, admit they fucked up and move on.

Next event in London is on 4th September if anyone is interested.

Verdict: done.


Whiten teeth

Totally forgot about it. Oops.

Verdict: try next month.


Run 5k km

Done! I didn’t enjoy a single second of it but oh the sense of achievement!

June was a weird month when I felt like a loser on many days. Everyone around me seems to have something happening in their lives: someone got a dog, someone is planning a house renovation, someone is changing a job, someone had a baby, someone got a promotion. Me? Nothing. At times, it felt like only winning an Oscar would make me believe that I am still able to achieve something.

And this is where setting ambitious goals like running 5k saved my sanity: as hard as it seemed, I could do it. So most probably I could do other impossible things too. Like running 5k again. Or getting that job. Or buying a house one day.

Verdict: continue.


Book a holiday

Fail. Alas, I still need to wait until I have clarity about other life plans before I can plan a getaway to somewhere. But not all is bad: I am in Spain for work in mid-July, and I will be going to Barcelona for a couple of days to spend some time on the beach and in tapas bars. Not quite a proper holiday, but better than a poke in the eye.

Verdict: one day.


Not respond when angry

I had a couple of cases in June when some emails made my blood boil. But I stayed cool, closed them and left them unanswered for a few a hours. Unsurprisingly, my replies were much more professional.

Verdict: continue.


Note good things about bad people

Yes, please! This simple mind trick worked miracles every time I wanted to kill someone slowly and painfully to teach them a lesson. Incredible how thoughts as simple as “she likes cats” can save lives.

Verdict: continue.


Final thought of the month:

Push yourself to achieve, especially when you feel like an underachiever. Do something you find difficult and enjoy the feeling.

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