120 changes in 2018: October

Reduce time I spend online by at least a third

Following this post about the create vs consume ratio, I’m on a mission to reduce my time online. On average, I spend 3+ hours on 3 of my devices, and the goal is to bring it down to 2. That’ll free 30 hours to spend on something more useful than mindless browsing.

Create a book of unique skills

This is inspired by a podcast I listened to recently by Smart Passive Income where one guy argued that our skills are our strongest selling points, and we need to have solid proof of how our unique skills deliver tangible results. Stuff like ‘excellent project management’ or ‘great negotiation skills’ won’t do because there are millions of people out there who can say the same things about themselves. So what unique skills do we have to make us stand out and help demand a price premium on our brains?

This got me thinking: what are my differentiation points in the saturated job market and what proof do I have to show? It will be an interesting exercise.

Subscribe to French Grazia

Oui, I’m still trying to have more French in my life, so why not do that through French lifestyle press that will surely teach me the essential words like shoes or mascara? To be fair on them, they do raise more significant issues of politics, equality and culture, so I hope my vocabulary will be better than one of a Barbie.

Wear my best clothes

By best, I mean the clothes that make me feel my most confident, which usually means well-fitted dresses, classy white tops, high heels, my beloved Burberry trench coat (finally it’s cold enough to wear it!) and silk scarves. Just because I feel like feeling my most confident this month.

Finish course on starting an online marketing agency

Back in summer, I was looking for ways to get side jobs to get some extra money and came across this course about how to start an online marketing agency. It’s a bit unnecessarily long with the author repeating the same points over and over again, so it lost me half way. But I think there could be something in it, so I want to finish it. Whether it’ll inspire me to start any online agencies is another question.

Go back to driving

I’ve dreaded this for months. The last time I drove a car was over 2 years ago when I passed my driving test. I dislike driving with passion, it doesn’t give me any pleasure at all. I’m lucky not to have to drive in London, but you never know when necessity may come, so it’s driving is a useful skill to have – and I need to keep it alive.

Sign up to a local library

I read a lot, and I so I spend a lot of books – most of which I only read once before I pass them on to a book sharing stand in my neighbourhood. So it’s not really money wasted, but it’s money not well spent, because I could read the very same books for free form my library and put the saved money into my savings account. It’ll not make me rich, but every little helps.

Move money to foreign accounts

Speaking of money. With Brexit on the horizon, and the GB pound not performing too well, it makes sense to keep some of the savings in more stable currencies like Swiss francs and maybe euros until we’re out of the woods.

Have a career development plan

I have a confession to make. In the last few months, I have been trying to relocate to Australia within my company, but with a tighter visas regime in Oz that is unlikely to happen. I am disappointed and upset, but my feelings can’t solve this dead end, so I need to start looking for a new place under the sun. I was so sure that Sydney would be the next career step that now that it’s not likely to happen I am left with “and so what I am to do with my career now?”. Well, I need a development plan as a starting point. And then I need to act on it.

Plan a great time in Australia

But speaking of Australia: I am going there on holidays in November with my husband, and I may not go back for a long time, so to hell with it – I am going to have an awesome time! We’re staying in Sydney with friends, and we’re also going to the Great Barrier Reef, and I am not going to let Aussie visa rules spoil a holiday of a lifetime.

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