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“If I could tell you just one thing…” by Richard Reed

This book should be made compulsory in schools. “If I could tell you just one thing…” by Richard Reed is: President Bill Clinton, Clare Balding, Stephen Fry, Dame Judi Dench, James… View Post

The secret life of immigrants

On the 25th June 2013, I took a one-way flight to London to start a new life with my husband, and today marks my fifth anniversary of being an immigrant.… View Post

Rag and Bone – Stockholm

Last week I was in Stockholm for work and had some free time to walk around the city. I’ve been before, and if you asked me to describe the place… View Post

Good reads for bad times

Everyone has their own ways to pull themselves through the bad times. Mine is simple: get away from the source of the problem, allow myself space and time to let… View Post

Dog and cat people

So I came back home yesterday after three weeks of nearly nonstop travel, and my husband welcomed me with the news that he was a cat. Erm. Ooooh-kay? It turns… View Post